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'The Hair Appointment' is a micro gallery salon exhibit highlighting and paying tribute to the black hair salon experience. The brainchild of Josef Adamu, this gorgeous series was shot on location at a residence, at 'Alima's Hair Salon' and at 'Slayed in Braids' in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Here you will find the artistry and talent of work of the following - Production, Concept & Creative © 2018 Sunday School Creative | Photography © 2018 Jeremy Rodney-Hall | Hair by © 2018 Helena Koudou | Wardrobe © Habibat Adetonwa. Miniature gallery photography © 2021 Nate King | Miniature gallery concept, design, build and video © 2021 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries™

Welcome to The Hair Appointment gallery tour... I hope you enjoy it!

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