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My Black Cherry Mid-Century Gallery premiered with the work of celebrated photographer, Adrian Octavius Walker. In Walker’s 'WE MATTER' he explores Black American beauty traditions among Black men. The intimacy depicted in each photograph erases the possibility of threat often assigned to black men and instead pushes the viewer to see the power of kinship within the Black community. Walker seeks to expand notions of Blackness by challenging the American perception of Black men. Inspired by his investigations of the Black body, dynamics of the Black family, and archival work related to the African American experience, Walker works in both film and digital-format photography to create intimate portraits based on his studies of human interactions in urban settings that share untold stories. All 'WE MATTER' gallery photographs are the work of @adrianoctaviuswalker © 2021 Adrian Octavius Walker | Microgallery interior and exterior photography © 2020 Kyle Hale | The background photo of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is © 2020 Xackery Irving, and the "DREAM" and "TOGETHER' banners are by Yoko Ono | Micro gallery concept, design, build and video © 2020 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries™️

You're invited to take the We Matter gallery tour... I hope you enjoy it!

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