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March 2021

Sunday School Creative (



IGTV talk with Kayla Greaves, Senior Beauty Editor - InStyle magazine. The Hair Appointment Miniature Exhibit for Sunday School Creative

The Hair (Appointment) Gallery

March 2021

It's Nice That

The Hair Appointment Gallery



Google's Instagram presentation of the MLK 'Still Dreaming' Miniature Gallery


Google' Arts and Culture "Monumental Miniatures: Modeling the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.

January 2021

Google | Google Arts and Culture

'Still Dreaming' MLK Gallery


December 2020


The World in Miniature 

Adrian Octavius Walker's 'WE MATTER' through a miniaturist's lens.

LH9X2319 (1)_edited.jpg

April 2014

TC Cribs | TechCrunch

3 Decades of Dan

'3 Decades of Dan' appears 1.35 minutes into the 8.04 minute segment.)

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