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STILL DREAMING Google Arts & Culture Gallery

STILL DREAMING is a micro gallery that pays tribute to and honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was such a privilege to partner with Google© to bring this special gallery to life in collaboration with my friend, Adrian Octavius Walker, and to have it documented and photographed by our friend, Nate King. It is my hope that we will be mindful of Dr. King's selfless commitment to equality and his sacrifice, not just during the holiday that bears his name, but also in our daily lives.

More about this project can be viewed on Google's Art and Culture site:

(With the exception of the Google Arts & Culture photos of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, which are labeled and © 2021 Google Arts and Culture, all other photography on this page is © 2021 Tammie Knight and © 2021 Genevieve Knight | Micro gallery concept, design, build and video © 2020 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries™ 

MLK - Smithsonian National Portrait Museum
MLK - Leonard Freed | High Museum of Art
MLK & Rev. Ralph Abernathy @ John's County Jail, 1964 | High Museum of Art
MLK with President Lyndon B. Johnson | U.S. National Archives

This 1:12 scale gallery space measures approximately 38" wide, 28" deep, and 15" tall. The floors are a soft grey polished concrete with a solid Walnut inlay. It's always fun to include items that I make myself in a project like this one. The handmade benches are solid walnut (both the base and the portion that is the seat.) I applied Quikrete concrete to the base, which I later painted a dark charcoal. The stanchion polls were created using eyeliner caps, rubber washers from the hardware store, basswood dowels, and ribbed ribbon from a craft store.  I designed the metal signs in the gallery, which were crafted by Sherry Taylor of SmallMinniMall on Etsy (, and the stunning backdrop image of the Washington Monument is from Shutterstock ( Photography © 2021 by Felix Lipov.

MLK with Lyndon B. Johnson | U.S. National Archives

The tiny reading glasses are from Wendy's Mini Shop in Pharr, Texas. Available

on eBay:

Welcome to the MLK Still Dreaming gallery tour!

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