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This 'UNAUTHORIZED TIFFANY PROJECT' is a special micro gallery that doesn't feature photography - - instead, the star of this miniature is 1:12 scale jewelry, glassware, leather bags and so much more! When a former co-worker friend reached out to me in early spring to ask if I could create a special gift for his wife’s upcoming significant birthday, he had me at, Tiffany’s. “My wife LOVES Tiffany’s! Her birthday’s in October, but she really loves the holidays, especially the way Tiffany’s stores are decorated." I shared several ideas and graphics for what I envisioned, and in the end, we combined a few ideas. “Maybe you can create a front store façade with a view of the store interior… and with a fully stocked jewelry case inside? And… would it be possible to use one of her actual Tiffany’s boxes in the design?” COUNT ME IN.


Everything about this project excited me. Growing up in New York City, the iconic Tiffany & Co store on 5th Avenue was one of my favorite stores to visit, and the annual holiday window displays were something that I always looked forward to. Bringing the magic of Tiffany’s to life in miniature meant that over the next 4 months, I would spend hours mentally designing and redesigning the space, I would source readily available and difficult to find materials, I would commission bespoke miniatures from over a dozen artisans and from 10 manufactures in 9 countries. In the end, I truly hope that I have delighted my client and that I have also done justice to the quintessential jewelry and lifestyle brand that is Tiffany’s. (This project was made independent of Tiffany & Co, and no authorization, promotion, or collaboration is inferred.)


The Tiffany & Co name and logo, Tiffany’s Robin’s Egg Blue, Tiffany’s Blue Box, Tiffany’s Holiday Wreath Design, Tiffany’s jewelry case design, Tiffany’s Steiff Teddy Bear design, and Tiffany’s Robin’s Egg Blue Umbrella are all Copyright 1845-2023 Tiffany & Co. | Photography © 2023 Kyle Hale | This miniature creation of a Tiffany store (with a façade modeled after the New York City SoHo Tiffany & Co store)  its concept, design, build and video  © 2023 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries


Welcome to the Unauthorized Tiffany Project tour!

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