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This midcentury modern micro gallery, 'LOVE LETTERS WITH LIGHT' features the gripping photography of Poochie Collins. Poochie is a filmmaker and photographer that chooses to communicate to the world by showing the most intimate parts of herself through her subjects' reflections. All 'Love Letters with Light' photographs are the work of Poochie Collins © 2023 | Gallery interior and exterior photography © 2023 Florence Catania and © 2023 Nate King | Gallery design and build © 2023 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries™

Poochie dedicates her art to, “... all the Black voices, faces, and spaces. Despite the constant war on our bodies and existence, we will continue to exude love and joy and forever be multi-dimensional. My goal is always to document this truth.”

Take a quick tour of the Love Letters with Light micro gallery!

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