My Tribeca-inspired ‘L.O.F.T.’ micro gallery premiered with the captivating work of Prince Akachi. Prince is a celebrated photographer, creative director and product designer with a deep passion and eagerness to contribute to humanity through Art & Design. He is a native of Imo, Nigeria and he has traveled throughout Nigeria and Ethiopia embracing his unique gift for capturing his fellow Africans with undeniable beauty, dignity, and grace. All gallery photographs are © 2021 Prince Akachi | The NYC exterior Soho street scene photograph is © 2021 Arthur Osipyan | Miniature VOQUE Africa magazine cover is © 2021 VOGUE Africa | Gallery interior and exterior photos © 2021 Kyle Hale and © 2021 Tammie Knight - TKnight Micro Galleries™ 

You're invited to take the gallery tour... I truly hope you enjoy it!